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It’s All In The Presentation Right?

It was Christmas, you know the time to buy gifts you think your significant other might want – the ones they could buy for themselves but won’t? This is the problem when you’ve been together awhile.

I like to think out of the box. I’ve given my husband, Dan, a few things over the years that I’ve managed to present is fun ways.

So what to do this time????

I like to get to know my clients and their products. I’m about supporting local business. This way I am better equipped to produce their advertising and promote them. And it hit me! I have a boudoir photography client – Angie Whitten at You Are That Hot.


Now Before You Judge Boudoir…

Boudoir is glamorous sexy photos within your comfort limits.

Hmmm maybe Dan would like that? If nothing else it would be fun, yes?

So I booked the shoot. Then fell apart. How would I dress? How would I look?  OMG! I’m a 56 year old grandma, 5’ 2 and a few pounds overweight. Hardly a lingerie model. More like Bridget Jones.

Surfing the internet for ideas I wandered off course found myself looking at NFL stuff. Now Dan is a football nut so this would make gift buying easy and, if I wanted, I could back out of the shoot.

Light bulb moment! Combine the two. His two favorite things: me and football (I hope!)

I spent the next 2 weeks booking appointments and pretending I could lose 20 pounds and 25 years in 2 weeks. Hair, nails, waxing, tweezing (Oh the horror at the thought that Angie might have to photoshop a stray hair from my lady parts).

I fretted over the signed football I had ordered. I so wanted to have these photos football themed.


The Day Came And Angie Was Amazing.

Not one to use a lot of makeup, I did look a natural 25 years younger once Jessica Blondet (of Blondet Beauty) worked her magic. I’m not overly shy, so taking my clothes off was not a hardship but I do have my ‘Mum’ tum and cellulite, and that few extra pounds to think about. I am secure enough to know Dan would love me if I wore a burlap sack. He tells me often

I was photographed upside down and sideways. Angie made me feel completely at ease. The angles and lighting she chose showed me at my best.

I had the full package which gave me as many wardrobe changes as I wanted.  I dragged out the vintage Cortez Kennedy shirt Dan always want me to wear, not that I follow football and my Seahawk’s sweatshirts too. Best of all, I had the signed Russel Wilson football and 12th man super bowl ring.

Picture after picture. Upside down and sideways really doesn’t describe it.


Respect to Glamour Models.

Chin up, Chin out. Eyes up open/closed. Hips & tush up/ down.Black and white photo of Annie Koesterman from her boudoir shoot Throw a hip (really at my age it’s possible, but not what she meant). Man this was hard work. I had to remember this was all for the love of my life.

Safe to say, Angie went from client to close friend very quickly.


My Mindset Changed.

I stopped being so serious. I started to have fun. This became about me!

I became 25 years younger. My confidence in this old body rose. The following morning I still had a spring in my step. I did my hair and makeup differently. Had I let myself go? I doubt it. I get up too early most mornings to get to meetings so I take the easy route.

Was it vanity? Never started out that way, but yes, it turned into it.

Annie Koesterman posed with her Seattle Seahawks Jerse

Not only did I have a fun day, I could present Dan’s gift in a unique way. My gift to me was, YES I can still be glamorous. I just need to pay more attention.

Thank you Angie for making my boudoir session the perfect gift for both Dan and myself. There’s an added thank you Jessica and the ladies at Jasmine’s Spa and Nails in Gig Harbor for the hard work I needed to look that good

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