How much is MY time worth?

Stood up again!  Do they not realize I drove a long way? Made sure I was a few minutes early? That I have things to do?

I recently called a member in a local networking group I attend. I have not met them before but following the unwritten rule I set up a One to One. Meeting time and date was set.

They were a no show.  Talk about frustration. This is a busy period for me. I normally wouldn’t schedule time to meet with someone just to chat with deadlines approaching but I made an exception. Part of growing my business requires I meet and get to know others. I have worked to make it a priority in 2017 so I broke my rule.



Wasting my time is not right or fair.

Maybe he forgot? Then I begin to question myself. Could I have I the wrong time? Wrong day? I could have put it in my calendar wrong. Maybe I should have called to confirm? But is that my responsibility??

So here I sit waiting, frustrated at not making contact. Now I’m trying to be good. Something could have happened.

Fifteen mins late and I text them, just in case he’s running late.

So how long do I wait?

Unfortunately, being stood up is all too common so I prepare for it.  I take along my laptop so I can work.  I got a new subject to rant about an hour to write it…… real time, as events unfolded.

I get a text back. They had the wrong date. So now what? Reschedule? I’m still on deadlines and booked solid for the rest of the week? Another frustration. My time is valuable. I cannot afford to waste it and I’m sure his is too.


Communication is KeyHow much is MY time worth

He called me and sincerely apologized. It was a mistake. We rescheduled. I invited them to a different networking group and we would talk after. I just need to adjust my calendar.

In this case, it worked out. Both of us were gracious and compromised. It could have gone very wrong. They could have turned up tomorrow and been as pissed as I feel today. Cooler heads prevailed.

Walking off in a huff could have damaged both our reputations. Instead, we both handled it professionally. This could be the beginning of a great business relationship.



I sit here this morning once again, alone. That meeting we rescheduled? He messaged to say he couldn’t make it. I appreciate the courtesy this time. He did remember and did let me know, but my time was still wasted. I’m still working on deadlines.

I have to sit and wonder. Does he realize he failed to respect my time? Would he treat a customer or prospective customer this way?

It may not matter at this point. He lost my trust. My time is far too valuable to risk with him now.

How much is your time worth? Would you reschedule?



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