Cold calling by phone is horrid.

I hate doing it. It makes me physically ill. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil that comes with the territory. I try to commit myself to an hour a day. Results are very low. Most business owners get so many calls they tend to automatically say no. But the books and experts say do it. So it’s worth a try.

Door to door cold calling is almost as bad, but I prefer to do it as I love being with people. I can read their body language, look at the photos in the office and see how much pride they have in their business.


It can be completely mentally exhausting in winter.

Just the right kind of coat and boots can cause problems. Here in the Pacific Northwest we can have all 4 seasons in the same day. My car ends up looking like a used clothing store. Exhausting physically to keep changing shoes. Coat on. Coat off. Get soaked. Change.

Then there is the attitude. People are less open and generally will not look up. Hard enough when sunny. Exhausting when it’s damp and dreary out.

I find it amazing how the ‘4 season in a day’ can affect business. Raining in the morning and I may as well stay in bed (and often I wish I had). Then the sun comes out and boom, everyone changes.

My Husband Dan is a roofer and we always say we need one sunny weekend in March and business will take off.  Never fails.

But the rain cannot be an excuse when you live in the Pacific Northwest so… what to do when it rains?


You jump in puddles!

Change your attitude. Just like being handed lemons and making lemonade, you have to go with it. Make it the best you can.

Change your approach. A few years ago I was introduced to Sidewalk Adventures. Just changing the name from “cold calling“ changes the thought process behind it. Even better if you can go out as a group of 3 or 4.

We made it fun. We changed our purpose.When it rains, do you jump in puddles

Our introduction was to ask about them, their business, the neighborhood. This broke the ice and many were very receptive. We went “unarmed”. No briefcase or samples. We only handed out business cards or talked about us IF they asked. In over a hundred such visits we were rejected only once by a very odd fellow who left us in his shop and avoided us.

But IT WORKED! We have all received business from our Sidewalk Adventures. One of the group worked in bank and got the biggest account she had ever had just from one visit.


More than the business we earned, we developed relationships.

We found family business’s going back 5 generations. We found out about a mission in Vietnam where the owner of a nail salon took 2 clients there every other year to visit. I could go on and on about the amazing people we met.

Sometimes you must change up what you are doing. Otherwise you start to hate your work, making you less approachable and your sales will decline.

So, watch for me roaming the town having my own adventure making it fun by jumping in puddles.