We all have them, whether it’s for a family, personal or business event. If deadlines are not met, there are consequences.

For many small businesses, missing a deadline can be disastrous. But, many have the ability of setting their own. This provides a margin of safety.


Meeting deadlines is a 2 way street.

When running a magazine like the Community Shopper, you do not get that luxury. I know a year in advance when I have to send the magazine to the printer. If I don’t meet the printer’s deadline, the whole project goes to the bottom of his pile and the magazine is delayed. If I miss it, my clients are affected…especially those with time sensitive ads.

To make sure I meet my deadlines, I create ones for my clients:

Deadlines for ad copy to be sent to me.

Deadlines for the graphic art to be done.

And for myself:

Two or three deadlines for proofing all before sending to print.


Mark your calendars.

You’ve heard the saying ‘Good ain’t cheap and cheap ain’t good‘? Well, it certainly applies in the world of advertising and graphics. Nothing like rushing ad copy to make a business look cheap and sloppy.

Even though I send out reminders to my advertisers, I highly recommend setting several ‘deadlines’ for each stage of the process for yourself. As Rabbie Burns said, ‘The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.

No matter how well we plan, things can and will go wrong. Life happens. If you wait until you get my reminder, you could find yourself rushing or settling  for lower quality content of your design and ad copy.


It’s all about trust.

My clients trust when they get me their ad content, I will meet my deadlines. They trust I will get the publication to the printer in time and the Community Shopper Magazine delivered when I say it will be delivered.

I trust my clients will meet their deadlines and get their artwork and ad copy to me on time.

Getting the work where it needs to be on time affects other people. In the end everyone ends up looking unprofessional.


Make meeting your deadlines a priority

and if you’re planning your advertising with us for 2017:

Save the date: Community Shopper Magazine 2017 deadlines

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