Wow. Just $%*^$@% WOW!

My good friend Angie Witten at Harmony photography recently took some new photos for me. What kind did I want? Last year I did a boudoir shoot (Upside down and sideways), so I thought something simple and glamorous. I had begun to write this blog in my head thinking what a great follow up piece to the last one. Angie is awesome. Never pushy and makes the whole day fun. We did the shoot and I was so proud of the results, I chose one to make my Facebook profile photo for the whole world to see.

Oh boy! Some of the reactions I received left me stunned and questioning people’s honesty.

I was actually told by one person that people who said they liked the photos were lying to me. Really???


Let’s talk body image and self-confidenceLet’s talk body image and self-confidence

I accept my age. Body image has never been a huge issue for me.

I’m short, dark, wrinkly around the eyes. I wear glasses, though have contact lenses too, though prefer my glasses during the day, as they turn dark in the sun. I never saw the point of wearing contacts, then putting on sunglasses.

On doctor’s orders, I lost 30 pounds this year. I’m feeling good from the weight loss. Nobody ever told me I was overweight. Only my husband Dan and my hair stylist, Jarret at Obscurities, tell me about my grey hair. I’m the one who spots my wrinkles and applies a little more cream at night.

So why did people think it was ok to tell me when I posted, ‘those pictures are fake’ or ‘it doesn’t look like me’?


The weather dictates what I wear

Let’s talk body image and self-confidence. How I look at a Seahawk's football game.Over that last winter, I kind of gave up wearing heels. The rain was so bad, I would sink up to my ankles in mud. I had to use enough hair product to keep a tropical storm at bay and stop the frizz. It was easier to straighten it, and it lasted throughout the day. I prefer dresses over pants, and again, the weather dictates what I wear.

Yes, I have more makeup on in these pictures, and we all know you have your daytime look and your evening “glam” look.  I play on the water and walk through the woods, environments where makeup would end up running down my face. So why bother?

So every now and then, it’s nice to glam up and show the world I scrub up nicely.

The clothes I wore I already owned. I’ve worn them for work. The white coat? I got married in it and never had an excuse to wear it since.


How did I feel after I got criticized?

Like damn crap! I brooded all night I walked the dogs thinking about it and was almost in tears. I went to the store all I could think about was Lemon Meringue pie and ice cream. As I filled the cart with crap I was writing this article in my head and wondering about all this.

Then I remembered.


I am strong. I am beautiful. I really did not give a shit.

I wear makeup because it boosts my confidence and to enhance my best features – my eyes. Not having eyeliner on is like not wearing my earrings.

I dress for what the occasion dictates.  Rain and a walking in the woods? Out come the waterproofs, the hat, and the walking boots. Work? Smart comfortable clothes, a swipe of mascara eyeliner, and a blot of lipstick.  Night? Out on the town? I’m all in!

This is who I am.


Although there is a change underway, it’s a slow process.

As a society, we are ‘told’ how to dress and look by the fashion industry and its push for perfection. There is no such thing. Everyone is unique. Everyone is different.

I was bothered by what was said, and not as much as the source. The negative stuff came from men. The 60+ women who liked the picture overrode the 2 “honest“ assholes, and I’m good with that…. to a point. I’m not a shrinking violet, and if this is how I was affected, how would a similar experience affect people who care about body image? Who are less self-confident? (11 Facts About Body Image)

It just shows how the opinions of the minority can change your whole outlook….. even for a short time. For the men reading, think about the power of your words.

So, take a good look. Who do you see?  It’s still me, just having a change from what you are used to seeing.