The Community Shopper is a direct mail and internet advertising company. It utilizes cost effective approaches for business owners to target local consumers in order to take advantage of their products and services. At a time when consumers searching for cost saving ideas for products and services they already use, the Community Shopper delivers promotions offered by local vendors right to their doorstep. In addition, these same consumers can find identical values through the internet at their own convenience.

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PO Box 684, Gig Harbor, WA  98335

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The Community Shopper’s mission is to provide our clients with brilliant and innovative marketing strategies through direct mail and internet exposure to a broad audience of consumers with advanced feedback methodologies to ensure exponential return on investment.


The Community Shopper participates in the $3 billion coupon industry. In 2009, after the collapse of the real estate bubble and unemployment hitting all-time highs, consumers became more aware of their spending habits and looked for alternative methods to cut costs and save money.

Over the last five years, coupons delivered via direct mail only accounted for 1% of the all coupons distributed in the country meanwhile contributing to over 4.1% of all coupons redeemed by consumers in 2013. This correlation between distribution and redemption, specifically in the direct mail category, demonstrates that direct mail is still an effective way to advertise to local markets and vendors can expect a reasonable rate of return on marketing dollars.